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FAQ www.electronic-display-scientific-consultant.eu:

What does Wammes & Partner specialise in and why should we consult Wammes consultants?

As a scientific service provider, Wammes focuses on the analysis and troubleshooting of embedded systems and electronic displays. If you are a company that needs displays in industrial applications or difficult conditions, e.g. embedded systems, we are your professional partner. We help you as problem solvers by different methods with display problems (e.g. mold formation, optical bonding, thermal management, embedded displays and much more) as well as by scientific and physical analyses with design and production of display systems. So if you are planning to design embedded systems or electronic displays for special challenges in the environment, such as extreme cold or heat, you can contact us at any time. We would also be happy to train your employees in all aspects of electronic and embedded displays.

Which scientific display services can be covered by Wammes & Partner today?

Optical measurement services, physical measurement services, emv measurement services or scientific services for clean room services or assembly services are only a part of the "scientific services" we offer for embedded systems and electronic displays. Wammes can even actively assist you with the procurement of parts and materials for the display. If you are unsure, we recommend contacting us about electronic displays or embedded displays.

Does a technical evaluation of patents from the consultant, scientific display services, clean room services for embedded systems, electronic displays and embedded displays still make sense today?

Absolutely! Although basic research on the subject of "electronic displays" has already progressed a long way, it is still necessary to carefully examine all components of electronic display systems and environmental influences and to coordinate everything perfectly, depending on the application. Through scientific physical analyses and the clean room service or clean room assembly services, we can coordinate everything so that you will not encounter any problems with your display systems later on.

What are embedded systems?

Embedded systems are simple or small computers that are programmed with a specific function to control, analyze or control an IT system. An installation consists of hardware and software components, a processor and a microcontroller. Embedded systems are often used solely to control equipment or to communicate with a device via sensors - usually they also contain electronic displays.

What are the prospects for scientific services in the field of display analyses, feasibility studies and prototypes?

The positive technical evaluation of publications has shown that the effort for feasibility studies, prototypes and sample construction is worthwhile. The initial effort is quickly made up for by the absence of display problems and the targeted rapid creation or maintenance of electronic displays. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Wammes & Partner as a consultant and benefit from our services. What has already been tested as a prototype or functional model will also work in your application if all influences have been scientifically derived and tested as a model. With the help of the feasibility study, it is of course clarified in advance how the functional model including the embedded display must be designed.