Display Measuring services and accompanying EMC measurements


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Display Measuring services and accompanying EMC measurements

Electrical measurement services and optical measurement services for electronic displays and embedded systems are the key to the success of electronic display systems!

Development and control, optimization potential and analyses. Development of new products or areas of application in the automotive industry, in shipbuilding or immission control, ventilation and air-conditioning technology and many more. Electrical measuring services and optical measuring services are an existential basis for the successful long-term use of embedded systems and electronic displays.

The threads come together in the Electronic-Displays-Center. Here new concepts for further applications are tested and all electronic displays, embedded systems and embdded displays are tested for their suitability for practical use. Electrical measurement services and optical measurement services, but also accompanying emv measurements show with high precision where possible weak points must be eliminated.

Scientific measurements and scientific measurement services

Scientific measurements and scientific measurement services set high quality standards for new products and services in all industries. Whether clean room service or testing and inspection of assemblies - without electronic displays, embedded displays, electronic displays, embedded systems, electrical measurements or optical measurements hardly make sense today. The massive competition requires every consultant or service provider to adapt to the conditions and challenges for embedded systems on the market.

EMC measurements, optical measurements and electrical measurements must always be matched to the embedded systems and electronic displays.

This naturally applies to all emv measurement services, optical measurement services and electrical measurement services for displays. The embedded display must meet the requirements as well as the embedded systems and the electronic displays.

Electronic displays can be examined in different technologies.

Whether monochrome, or colour, LCD, TFT, TN, OLED, Plasma, EL etc.. - for physical analyses or other optical measurement services, all suitable solutions are available for free selection. Optical measurements, meaningful feasibility studies or new functional models are just as feasible as scientitic studies and the examination of technical patents and publications for scientists and studies on the subject of electronic displays and embedded systems.

Consultants from the Electronic-Displays Center support the customer in implementing his committed projects and ensure that the perfect infrastructure is in place for success. Consulting, but also troubleshooting if problems arise are just as natural in the elektronic Displays Center as the high-quality equipment, which must be installed absolutely embedded. Embedded systems for optical measurement services or emv measurements, electrical measurements and optical measurements.

Optical measurement services

Optical measurements are recommended by the electronic Displays Center when speed is of the essence and a particularly high pixel density is required. If you want to achieve scientifically proven results quickly, you are welcome to benefit from more than 20 years of experience.

Scientific measurement services automatically mean more effort than for purely electrical measurement services, physical measurement services or emv measurement services or measurements without scientific claim.

The Elektronic Displays Center knows all variants and gives tips for emv measurements, optical measurements and electrical measurements for all types of embedded systems and embedded displays. Electrical measurement services, emv measurement services and optical measurement services are among the core competencies of Wammes & Partner.

Services for clean room, prototyping or model making

In the area of clean room service you can count on a huge spectrum of experience in troubleshooting. Our scientists and consultants are happy to use this information for any kind of evaluation. In the areas of clean room, assembly and procurement or prototype construction, the Elektronic Displays Centre has excellent equipment for electrical measurements, optical measurements and scientific analyses.

Wammes - your measuring specialist with the best measuring equipment

Various technologies are available for electrical measurement services, emv measurement services, optical measurements, scientific measurements or analyses for embedded systems, embedded displays or electronic displays. The expertise of the team of experts in the Electronic Displays Center ensures the optimal course of all scientific measurements.

Whether feasibility study, procurement of materials, troubleshooting and analysis, quality controls, target/actual comparison of CAD measurement data - the scientific measurement services lead to the desired result through the right methodology and the corresponding know-how.

Emv measurement services or optimal electrical measurement services can only be as good as the quality and value with regard to the scientific nature of the measurements. Therefore we recommend Wammes & Partner!