Display Material procurement made easy


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Display Material procurement made easy

The procurement of materials for electronic displays and embedded systems is difficult in many cases!

As a display service provider we have good contacts, also to parts and materials that are difficult to procure for the production of electronic displays.

Comprehensive knowledge for service providers who have materials procured is a basis for the design and production of electronic displays and embedded systems. With the right partner, even demanding material procurement tasks are easy to solve.

Always having enough material on site is essential for the smooth workflow of assemblies. Wammes is your partner for procurement to ensure that material procurement is successful with certainty.

In addition to the procurement of materials for electronic displays for embedded systems, the respective partner or service provider can not only procure materials, but at the same time offer its customers important information for optimizing the various display parts and the entire display system.

It is no problem for the trained scientific consultant or service provider to procure the necessary parts so that the various assemblies can work promptly without errors.

If you keep an eye on the exact requirements for electronic display parts, you can always have the right material procured in good time.

Ordered parts for various display assemblies can also be checked and audited by us as supporters for qualitative procurement on site at the manufacturer or sender.

As interfaces for a company's internal and external communication or as an interface between human resources and machines in the company, embedded systems can also be networked with different technical devices. Nowadays they are often already an integral part of the computer and simply function according to the requirements.

Customers, interested parties or manufacturers select the parts and materials for electronic displays or embedded systems that best meet the high technical and quality requirements, depending on the application areas of the modules.

Of course, a consultant who knows the subject is available to assist in the selection of the optimum solutions. Research contracts can also be awarded on request. In any case, the customer and the service provider or manufacturer can draw on a gigantic pool of important data that has been collected over more than 20 years.

As an experienced provider, Wammes & Partner provides its knowledge in the B2B sector to help potential customers or producers to implement the various display projects. In the EDCG (Electronic Dipslays Center Gundersheim) competence center, the sophisticated concepts are developed and tested according to individual requirements. Already here, the course is set to ensure a fault-free implementation.

The spectrum for the use of embedded displays, electronic displays and embedded systems is far from exhausted and saturated.

The procurement of materials for assemblies and electronic displays is only one of the many services Wammes offers in the field of display services and scientific analyses.

If you want to procure material for electronic displays and embedded systems together with our display consultants, you benefit from the exuberant know-how of the supplier Wammes & Partner. Competent teams are not only available for parts procurement or all kinds of material procurement.