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Wammes & Partner uses a lot of experience and sound scientific knowledge and procedures for scientific services around electronic displays, innovative embedded systems and latest developments in the field of embedded displays.

With the exploration of new options for industry 4.0 applications, electronic displays are also becoming increasingly important. Wammes has taken a professional and scientific approach to this topic and supports you as a consultant in the production, maintenance, troubleshooting and design of electronic and embedded display systems. The scientific services include clean room services, optical measurement services, countless physical analyses and work areas such as the technical evaluation of publications, feasibility studies and the development of prototypes for complete assemblies for an electronic display.

The innovative power of elektronic displays is unbroken and insiders are certain that this trend will further revolutionize the industrial world.

Every service that is suitable for embedded systems and electronic displays can be integrated into existing constellations as an independent objective through this technology. In this way, the IT area can be supplemented by a scientific service as soon as this seems desirable.

As a consultant and service provider for clean room services, optical measurement services, sample construction or the creation of prototypes, insiders recommend the new generations of embedded systems, especially for scientific services, which not only have electronic displays or at least one electronic display, but also enable realistic physical analyses using a functional model. Electrical measurement services, clean room assembly service, emv measurement services and even the technical evaluation of patent specifications belong to the range of services that can be offered for modern electronic displays, embedded displays, electronic displays or embedded systems. Not only in production, but also as an integral part of procurement, the consultant or service provider can make an increasingly important contribution to the functionality of electronic displays.

As a competent provider in the business-to-business (B2B) sector and as an experienced consultant and service provider, we offer our customers exactly the service that not only improves the respective field of work, but also equips it sustainably for future challenges.

Embedded systems, electronic displays or embedded displays can be developed and implemented according to the individual needs of the customer. As a special service for customers, other service providers and integrators, our company is always available as a troubleshooter.

We share our professional experience in the further development of the latest trends such as embedded systems, electronic displays and embedded displays and not only offer an excellent scientific service or service for integrators and VAEs (value added resellers) or service providers, but also provide the service of a specifically equipped research department to optimize electronic displays and other components of embedded systems.

We pay particular attention to the procurement of materials, consulting, the analytical elimination of errors and the optimization of work processes.

Here our customers recognize that an embedded system offers excellent opportunities to generate profitable insights for every company in parallel to real-time operation. Here not only new ideas for the future emerge, but innovative rules for the working world of tomorrow are developed. The extreme range of possible applications for electronic displays or embedded systems offers enormous potential.

With the use of electronic displays, embedded systems or the embedded display, a future-oriented, scientific technology is established. We support you successfully with scientific services for your display projects.

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Display Measuring services and accompanying EMC measurements

Studies, prototypes, sample construction for electronic displays

Assembly and clean room services for electronic displays

Professioneller Service, kompetente Beratung und Ausführung!

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